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Conflict seldom survives a sincere inquisition
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Patricia Zeggelaar’s Workplace Diagnosis and Transformation Process (WDTP) is designed to collect the relevant and meaningful information necessary to bring about change in an intentional and collaborative way involving all team members. It has the potential to strengthen relationships and internal capacity and effectiveness of the team and their work processes.

The WDTP consists of 2 essential methodologies designed to generate valuable insight and feedback into the current team dynamic including its strengths and weaknesses. These are:

Team Discussions

They are effective at producing a breadth of understanding. They can generate interest and enthusiasm and identify key dynamics in team perception and functioning. They are also an efficient means of involving many people in a relatively short period of time.

Individual Interviews

They give everyone directly involved an opportunity to candidly express their viewpoints, thoughts, feelings and concerns as well as dedicated time to express their insights and recommendations. The feedback from these confidential interviews are then analyzed and interpreted to frame specific recommendations going forward.

Combining the broader understanding of team discussions and the deeper insights from individual interviews produces powerful and inclusive solutions for deliberately creating positive and sustainable change in any team environment.
We engaged Patricia during a time of positive but significant change in our department. We looked to Patricia to support us in successfully navigating this change by helping us to identify opportunities to strengthen team relationships, internal capacity, processes and effectiveness – now and into the future. We weren’t in crisis, but we knew there were opportunities for improvement.

Patricia brought so much to the engagement: a very deep knowledge base of leading edge practice in organizational effectiveness, a diverse set of tools and skills, a calm, non-judgemental demeanor that was both approachable but also direct and forthright. Patricia interviewed every member of the team and produced a summary report that identified both strengths and made recommendations for improvement. From there she helped us develop an action plan for implementing her recommendations. She supported us in having some very difficult conversations that needed to be had, which in turn allowed us to address issues that were inhibiting our effectiveness. She also left us with many insights, common language and tools that we will be able to draw on as we move forward.

I would highly recommend Patricia to any organization that wants to take their performance to the next level and I look forward to working with her again.

Maria Medioli

Executive Director, DSP, Community Services

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