What Clients Are Saying

"Patricia has a very deep knowledge base of leading edge practice in organizational effectiveness, a diverse set of tools and skills, a calm, non-judgemental demeanour that was both approachable but also direct and forthright. I would highly recommend Patricia to any organization that wants to take their performance to the next level and I look forward to working with her again."

Maria Medioli, Executive Director, Disability Support Program

"Patricia’s approach to conflict and her ability to identify and address the impact this has on teams is by far the best I have ever experienced. No one has the depth of knowledge that she does.”

MJ MacDonald, CEO, Construction Safety Nova Scotia

"My expectations were exceeded! Working with Patricia has resulted in an observable and positive change in individual interactions within the team that continues today. We were given many tools to assist us to continue practicing what we gained from the workshop."

Lori Root, Co-Chair, Health Association of African Canadians

"Thank you! I learned concrete skills that I have already started applying in my work! I am armed with the tools to become a better leader and to feel more confident."

Laura Upton, Director, Community Services

"Working with Patricia has put me on a whole other journey. We've changed how we do a lot of staff meetings and I've built way more trust with my staff in the last like three months than i think i ever had in all of my years. It's definitely grown our relationships and really built that trust so they know I have their back I know they have my back 100%. There's no question there anymore and that's huge."

Jordanna Jones, Manager, BioPed Footcare

More Praise for Patricia's Work

"Patricia is very understanding, approachable, analytical who demonstrated she is a professional in the field of human relationships."
"This workshop should be mandatory in all organizations (and schools)!"
"Patricia is an excellent speaker and very motivational."
"I enjoyed Patricia’s effectiveness in facilitating the workshop and how intuitive she is."
"The most insightful, profound educational workshop I have ever attended."
"Patricia was very knowledgeable and easy to understand."
"Patricia is very understanding, approachable, analytical who demonstrated she is a professional in the field of human relationships."
"I LOVED the session. Patricia is an excellent presenter, really knows her stuff."
"She was an absolutely amazing facilitator, she excelled on respectful, shared ideas, opinions, values and whatnot. There is nothing negative that I can say."
"Patricia was absolutely wonderful. I loved her energy that she brought to the course and it showed how passionate she was in teaching us these skills we can use in the workforce and in our personal life. She encouraged us all to engage in conversations and was respectful and inclusive to everything. When someone shared an experience she valued what was being said especially especially when it was a topic of diversity."
"Patricia was phenomenal in her presentation."

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