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Patricia is an excellent speaker and very motivational

Speaking Truth to Fear: The Immutable Laws of Leadership and Life

The true test of a leader is how they navigate conflict and overcome challenges. The problem is, these aren’t lessons we learn in school. But they are skills that smart leaders seek to develop. And the good news is that it’s not too late.

Leaders who learn not only to understand but proactively attack the fears and anxieties within their organizations are rewarded with a workplace culture that is optimistic and strong. To get there, leaders at all levels need to learn how to get out of their own way and develop the confidence and competence to deal with difficult moments. In an era when the fear-based leader is on the rise, smart organizations surge above to embrace values and principles that lead to a workplace culture that is supportive rather than destructive.

In this talk…

  • Patricia Zeggelaar will share four laws of leadership that help promote pathways towards greater optimism, accountability, and ultimately resilience in the workplace.
  • Audience members will learn how to reconnect with their inner strength in order to start having the difficult conversations needed to blast through uncertainties and challenges so they can start supporting their workplaces towards greater wellbeing.

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