Beyond Conflict for Teams

An approach for dealing with interpersonal issues and problems in a more effective, meaningful and sustainable way.

In your work place, do you see:

  • defensive behaviour
  • lack of cooperation
  • resistance to others or new ideas?

What would it mean for results, outcomes and personal stress levels if you could reduce these behaviours?

The causes of organizational conflict vary, but they generally stem from basic differences in the way individuals perceive their relationships and carry out their work. While conflict is generally never a welcome thing, it has been proven that without it growth, creativity, synergy and productive change cannot occur. The goal then is not to “do away” or ignore conflict but rather find useful, beneficial ways of dealing with it and turn frustrating relationships into more collaborative ones.

We believe that managing conflict is a skill set that can be taught and people can learn to effectively and confidently address the dynamics that arise when conflict occurs. This skill set enhances our ability to work well with others, achieve better outcomes and reach more productive agreements. The bottom line is learning how to better manage conflict significantly contributes to workplace environments that have greater focus, are more productive and are happier places to work.


This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in increasing their ability to manage conflict more effectively.

The role of conflict

Gain a better understanding the role conflict plays in the workplace, the benefits of dealing with it competently and the high negative consequences of having it go unmanaged

How to contribute positively

Increase awareness of the dynamics of conflicted working relationships and how to contribute positively even when there are high levels of stress and frustration

Build practical skills

Build practical skill sets for dealing effectively and more confidently with the conflicts you have with others

Foster safe work environments

Learn about the elements that generate supporting and trusting work environments and how to foster them

"My expectations were exceeded! Working with Patricia has resulted in an observable and positive change in individual interactions within the team that continues today. We were given many tools to assist us to continue practicing what we gained from the workshop."

Workshop Participant

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Discover how you can successfully manage conflict in effective, meaningful and sustainable ways.

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