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Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.

Sheryl Sandberg

Best Self Leadership Coaching provides a rich opportunity for a leader to cultivate a more authentic and powerful approach for high performance and sustained well being. The Best Self Coaching Relationship provides the opportunity for a leader to more fully develop and realize:

Self Awareness

Leadership coaching creates the opportunity to go deeper into understanding how we show up in our leadership role and the effectiveness of our approaches. Leaders who have a clear integrity identity – that is strong behavioural alignment with their strengths and values – report having greater effectiveness, sense of purpose and overall meaning in their work.

Relational Insight

Leadership coaching generates a better understanding of how to engage others and inspire their best contributions and performance. Fundamentally it is the leader’s responsibility to create the psychological ‘safe space’ so people feel free to engage in honest, creative and innovative thinking and actions. Coaching allows for leaders to be more effective at having a positive influence on their work culture and to ensure full participation, mutual understanding, shared responsibilities and inclusive solutions of team members.

Results Achievement

Leadership coaching helps to craft and define the ideal ‘stretch’ goals and to identify the best practices and behaviours that result in successfully meeting them in positive and inclusive ways.

The Resilient Leader Coaching Lab

The Resilient Leader Coaching Lab is a blended learning and development experience that combines current research regarding human motivation, information on leadership proven methodologies and personalized feedback as well as one on one coaching around a leader’s real life current issues and challenges. This program poignantly blends state of the art coaching concepts and information with hands on, practical implementation processes. The unique format of half day peer workshops and one on one coaching sessions gives leaders the opportunity to increase their awareness, learn valuable best practices and have the support necessary to action new skillsets in their work environment. This is an invaluable experience for leaders to level up their impact and influence through a private coaching relationship and a supportive learning atmosphere. Class size is kept low to ensure an optimal environment for robust conversation and personalized focus. Participation in The Resilient Leader Coaching Lab will provide an unparalleled experience for leaders to cultivate a more authentic and powerful approach for high performance and sustained well being.

This intensive leadership development experience designed to transform mindsets and skillsets includes:

One on one high performance coaching sessions

Plus 5 monthly, half day peer experience workshops with the following themes:

Igniting Purpose

Gaining crystal clarity on your leadership vision and generating tangible goals and actions to drive it forward

Inner Power

Building a mindset that supports the leadership influence you wish to have. Understanding why having congruency between your internal beliefs and external behaviour is an essential key to strong leadership

Human Element

Further development of self awareness and the impacts on others. Understanding the power of connection and why empathy is a non-negotiable leadership competency

Reality Check

Ensuring the important and meaningful issues are being discussed and addressed in timely, direct and caring ways. Generating clear goals, expectations and boundaries that are defined by predictability and consistency

Creative Resilience

Developing and sustainably managing the energy necessary to dig deep. Ensuring there is alignment between purpose and daily activities. Finding pragmatic and meaningful ways to turn pain into power
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