Work-Life balance is a zero-sum game that implies work and life are two different things.


They are not.


Pursuing a fulfilling life shouldn’t be a competition of time or energy.


I once worked with a man who kept a countdown calendar for when he would retire and finally be able to, as he called it, ‘live his own life’. Only 4 years, 3 months, and 14 days to go…… He believed that the ‘good’ life would then begin for him. As a result of this belief, work was a necessity to be tolerated not an opportunity for meaningful fulfillment. 


Postponing our fulfillment for some future event is one of the saddest injustices we can do to ourself.


The pursuit of a work-life balance has the impact of pitting our different focuses against each other, where we think or worry about one activity as we are doing another.

TGIF is not just a cute acronym – it is a painful intention. 


Not checking your emails at 9pm doesn’t mean you don’t have anxiety about what awaits you in the morning.


How can we re-frame the work-life goal to creating environments defined by rich meaning in all areas of life? It is time to start defining success as the active pursuit of living a fulfilling life – at work, at home, and all places in between. 


What would it mean to you to experience more enthusiasm, collaboration, and enjoyment everywhere you are?

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