We have all participated in expressions of drama.  






In the moment drama energy is captivating, even all-encompassing. We share our negative thoughts as if they were truths and it feels good.


How dare she?

What’s wrong with him?  

What a jerk…… (or worse!)


Drama is contagious with an explicit invitation to join in. Which we often do. And it is like throwing fuel on the flames. Even a small frustration can turn into a major calamity with enough drama energy. This is the proverbial ‘molehill to mountain’ moment and it never bodes well for anyone’s performance or morale.  


Drama is the cheap substitute for connection. It is like junk food in our diet. It tastes so good, even pleasurable, at the time of consumption and yet seriously compromises our well being and future fulfillment. 


Drama never solves problems it only ever generates bigger ones.

The impacts of drama on our working (and living) environments are nefarious:  


  • Lack of accountability
  • Lack of trust
  • Blurred lines around fairness: even legalities
  • Low-quality decision making
  • Complicit cultures
  • Increased divisiveness
  • Lack of transparency
  • Fear of vulnerability  


The path forward to addressing our issues and challenges is in the energy of accountable problem solving. This includes:

  • Worker harder for deeper insights into why a situation exists
  • Generating a clear and focused idea of what a more positive outcome looks like
  • Having direct and thoughtful conversations with people we are frustrated with

These are the steps to building fulfilling connections and developing cultures of trust and accountability.  And this is what the world needs NOW more than ever!


So, the next time we find ourselves in the energy of drama, let’s all resist the urge to participate and instead seek to be part of a more meaningful solution through accountable problem solving. I guarantee we will all feel prouder of ourselves for doing so.

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