We have all heard Nietzsche’s famous saying…..’ what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, and for those of us who have experienced hardship and loss (which of course is ALL of us), we know there is profound truth in these words.  

But what is also true is sometimes difficulty in our lives can cause our resilience to shrink.  And we experience persistent frustration, fatigue, and pessimism toward our challenges.

Lately, in many conversations I have been having with colleagues and clients, there has been an underlining theme of feeling tired, gloomy, and unwell. Not in any grand or overt way – but there is a malaise being experienced physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It’s as if the last several months of dealing with all the uncertainty, change, and stress has caught up with all of us at the same time!  Not to mention winter is settling in and with it a second wave of covid with continued unknowns about what the future holds. Is it any wonder there is a pervasive attitude that lacks enthusiasm?

Feeling negative emotions is part of the human condition. There is nothing wrong with any of us for feeling discouraged – it is a normal human response to extraordinary trying times.

This doesn’t mean we are defeated nor will we surrender to despair. It means we are human and as such need to give ourselves and others extra care. Making sure we take the time to acknowledge the darkness the brews within and instead of pushing it away, or muscling through we accept it – even respect it – as a very natural response.  

We can give ourselves permission to be human.  

So I ask – How are you tending to yourself these days? How do you make room to replenish your energy – physically, emotionally, and mentally? Perhaps a walk in nature, an uplifting movie, an inspiring novel, or a heartfelt chat with a friend? What is your intentional path to renewal?

There are many best practices we can engage in that acknowledge the tender self that dwells within and allows us to give ourselves the patience and kindness we need in difficult times. Indeed, this is the path to resilience renewed.

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