Patricia Zeggelaar

A leadership coach for the next evolution of work

Patricia is one of Canada’s leading experts in conflict, hard conversations and human drama in the workplace. She helps leaders solve their most difficult and stressful situations.

Patricia specializes in maximizing human potential by revealing what is getting in the way. She supports people to develop the insight and skill necessary to deal with their biggest challenges  – difficult environments, turbulent people and conflict.

Practical and inspiring advice and support.

For over 30 years, Patricia has boosted the efforts of thousands of leaders who call on her expertise to help them understand not just what’s going on with their people but to achieve outstanding workplace effectiveness and wellbeing. 
Patricia’s philosophy is simple: Life is too short to be unhappy at work. She can help you have the highest quality experience of work possible  – one that is defined by personal fulfillment and better results.
Patricia Z leadership coach standing outside smiling with two beautiful horses

All problems have solutions. I'm on a mission to increase people’s agency, authority and accountability in the midst of conflict.
- Patricia Z.

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