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Your workplace is in greater need than you know.
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Interpersonal Conflict
Human Drama
Lack of Accountability

Most workplaces are all too familiar with these common people problems and they generate overwhelming amounts of stress and anxiety that will play havoc with performance, productivity and working relationships.

An epidemic of work stress

Work cultures today are defined by increasing stress, conflict and anxiety and the costs are staggering, resulting in negative (sometimes severe) consequence for both human and financial outcomes.

Organizations are reporting increased rates of absenteeism, stress leave, formal complaints, workplace bullying, and workplace accidents. This contributes to paint a picture that costs Canadian organizations billions of dollars every year.

And those are just the costs we can concretely measure.

The negative impact on the health and wellbeing of people is immeasurable as the stress and anxiety of unmanaged people problems takes its toll and continues to generate decreased levels of engagement and wellbeing.

It doesn’t have to be this way

Being able to address people problems and conflicts in timely, direct and caring ways is not easy nor natural for most of us. It is a mindset and skillset that must be learned and reinforced again and again.

And that is what great leaders do. They understand their primary role is to support and inspire others to thrive in both their work and in their work relationships.

Do you know what conflict is costing you?

The cost of unmanaged conflict is staggering, resulting in negative (sometimes severe) consequence for both human and financial outcomes. Assessing and addressing conflict in timely and effective ways is a learned skillset and a primary responsibility of leadership. The cost is too high to continue to leave conflict unmanaged.

Let us help you move the needle on managing conflict in your organization

Do you find yourself delaying or avoiding difficult conversations?

One of the non-negotiable abilities of great leadership is the willingness to initiate the conversations that matter. Yet all too often our fear of engaging in the uncomfortable and edgy dialogs that are necessary to solve tough problems generates avoidance and/or denial – and we wait, and we hope for things to feel easier or clearer. And the issues persist – almost always getting worse. Being able to address problems and conflicts in timely, direct and caring ways is a non-negotiable leadership skillset.

Contact us to learn about best practices and proven methodologies to generate wildly successful conversations, even with the most difficult of topics.

How are you maximizing human potential?

It is up to the leader to be creating the conditions for everyone to do their best work every day in ways that yield optimal results and leaves everyone feeling positive about their contributions. This is the non-negotiable need of the modern organizational culture – a workplace where employees feel they make a difference and enjoy a good sense of well being in their efforts. This must be the number one priority of the modern leader – increasing your capacity around the human element so others can thrive.

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Your workplace is in much greater need than what you know.

About Patricia Z

Speaker, Coach and Leadership Advisor Helping Leaders Diagnosis, Treat and Resolve Their MOST DIFFICULT, STRESSFUL AND CHALLENGING SITUATIONS

Patricia Zeggelaar helps leaders solve their thorniest, most intractable people problems and is one of North America’s leading experts in conflict, hard conversations and human drama at work.

It touched me personally and gave some tools to use.

I enjoyed Patricia’s effectiveness in facilitating the workshop and how intuitive she is.

Patricia is an excellent speaker and very motivational.

One of the best workshops I have ever taken – everyone should take this

You are excellent at what you do.  Your knowledge, style, and confidence is an excellent match for the material.

Speaking Truth to Fear

Everything Is Achieved Together

Now more than ever we need strong collaboration. Whether you continue to work in person (social distancing intact) or are needing to work virtually the necessity for effective and meaningful teamwork has never been higher. Our collective ability to address challenging issues and generate successful solutions is dependant on our capacity to synergistically and energetically work together.

The Number One Failure Of Leadership

Do you know the number one failure of leadership?

Don’t Let Fear Be The Boss Of You

Fear based decision making is at epidemic levels within organizations. The cost for organizations is enormous resulting in increasingly high levels of stress and significant loss in revenues. It doesn’t have to be this way.

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