Speaking Truth to Fear

Practicing hope in difficult and challenging times

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Speaking Truth To Fear is a compilation of thought-provoking passages designed to wake you up from fear’s ancient and powerful grip in order to live a more inspired and fulfilled life.

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This compilation is for anyone wishing further insight on how fear holds us back from our goals and dreams.

“Delivered With An Honest, Warm Wisdom”


About Patricia

Patricia is one of Canada’s leading experts in conflict, hard conversations, and human drama at work.

For over 30 years, Patricia has boosted the efforts of thousands of leaders who call on her expertise to help them understand what’s going on with their people and achieve workplace wellbeing. From in-depth diagnostics and assessments to applied learning workshops for select groups of managers, to immersive leadership retreats with long-lasting effects, Patricia offers a range of meaningful leadership development experiences suited to the different needs of organizations. Her track record for workplace problem-solving has resulted in repeated requests for her to return as new issues arise, and Patricia brings characteristic empathy to each new consultation.

Speaking Truth to Fear Book Cover
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